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    Hello, Aue,


    I present myself, I'm Max also known in Belgium's LARPS under the nickname Titus Germanicus or Titus Livius Andronicus (We will say simply Titus ^^).


    I'm the official time-in and time-out representative of a County in a new Belgium Mass Larp “Ragnarok” (www.ragnaroklarp.be) and I'm looking for other people that like to play LARP in a style that inspired itself from the Ancient history (Gauls, Bretons, Belgae, Romans, Carthaginians, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians, Macédonians and Persians) and Ancient fantasy (minotaurs, fairies, centaurs, werewolf, …)  because it has been the style my group has decided to play and to rule our County.


    I would like to propose your legion to come and join us at Ragnarok 2012.


    To describe Ragnarok, it's a melting pot with idea's of Conquest of Mythodea and Bicolline (Canada) LARPS but the responsibles have decide to work each years with the players and the nation to create a seasonal city during the summer and most of us and also to discuss about solutions and rules with the players.


    So I think it's an opportunity to let other people than Belgian to discover this new Mass LARP and also an opportunity to invite other group like the mine (Nova Legio Hispania) to come, play and enjoy a larp that has a lot of realistic point (we've lawyers in game to find gap in the law or find a suitable court solution, we also have sapper that can really disassemble a forteress wall in game while shields are protecting them, slavery exists in game, …)

    If you know people that can be interest by my invitation, do not hesitate (that sentence remind me a Star Wars' sequence) you've got my email : parafeeria[at]gmail[dot]com

    Best fantastic regards, Uale,


    Titus Livius

    Decurio Nova Legio Hispania and Comes of the Coastal March – Midgard Duchy.

    Frank Süncksen

    Salve Titus,

    first of all, thanks for your invitation, the basic idea of your groups seams to go along well with our own. I just had a look at the homepage of Ragnarok; the event looks very professionally organised to me which is seldom the case in LARP (to my opinion). Unforunately, the location of this event is a problem. Most of our members live in the very north of Germary, spread from Hamburg to the Danish border. Ragnarok is just too long a distance for us to travel, I think. Maybe other members of our legion see that differently and might come, but I'd say that it is very unlikely that we as a hole will be part of Ragnarok 2012. I'm sorry.


    Titus Decius Gemellus / Frank

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